Giselle McBee – P.O.W.E.R.ful Women

Co-Owner, Woodhouse Day Spa


Q: How would you describe your company?

Woodhouse is an ultimate, full service, luxury day spa right in your backyard. Our guests get to escape from their everyday busy lives by unwinding in a luxurious spa robe and sandal, receiving a glass of champagne or cup of hot tea and choosing from one of our 70 different treatments. Woodhouse is about the experience that heals the body and mind.


Q: When did you launch?

Metairie will be our fourth location and will open Fall of 2019


Q: How were you inspired to start your business?

I started as the General Manager of The Woodhouse Day Spa New Orleans in 2014 and quickly knew I wanted to work for Woodhouse forever. I was always passionate about health and wellness and knew I would start a business but nothing really spoke to me until I joined the Woodhouse. I love working with passionate, driven, and loving people who want to make a difference in the world and that is exactly what Woodhouse represents. It is a dream knowing that we make a difference in so many people’s lives and Woodhouse truly makes a difference in mine.


Q: What were the biggest obstacles and how were they overcome?

One of the biggest obstacles was location. It can be a struggle finding the perfect location for a business and I constantly heard from other entrepreneurs, “It will all work out, just be patient” and now I can truly say they were right. There were times where I doubted my dream but with hard work, patience and faith it does all work out for the best.


Q: What local resources have you used?

One of the great things about Woodhouse is that the corporate team provides assistance and resources whenever I need it. From marketing to operations they help in every way.


Q: What is your big focus right now?

My big focus right now is creating a loving culture and close knit team that reflects “The Woodhouse Way.” By taking care of one another we can better serve our guests.


Q: What is the best advice you ever received?

With hard work you can do anything you want to do.


Q: What success have you had in the last year?

The best success is working next to the some of the most amazing people. I owe so much to my 2 partners, Erin and Deneb Warner and my team at The Woodhouse New Orleans. I work with smart and talented people who make me a better person.


Q: What has been the biggest benefit of being a POWER member?

I love seeing so many women follow their dreams and empower one another. Receiving support from so many business women is the biggest benefit to me.


Q: What does POWER mean to you?

POWER means support, empowerment and believing in your dreams




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