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When my family and I first moved to New Orleans back in 2011, we lived right across the street from Mardi Gras World. I remember looking over at that gigantic alligator head staring out at us next to the road and thinking, “Yup, we’re definitely not in Omaha anymore.” Well there was that, and the fact that it was January and I barely had to wear a sweater.

Mardi Gras World remains one of our must-see places to take visitors, so it was a special treat to get an extra behind-the-scenes look at their newest acquisition, Pixie. It was incredible to see for myself how such an enormous machine could sculpt such a tiny, intricate bust of Beethoven. While tourists swarmed about on their tours, Kern Studios’ human sculptors remained hard at work. I’m told the company gets a few resumes every day from artists hoping to join the team; it’s easy to see why.

With summer just around the corner, take the time now to mark your calendar for May 10 and register to get on the waiting list for Diner en Blanc — an exciting surprise dinner event that we borrowed from another fabulous city, Paris. Check out this month’s “Why Didn’t I Think of That” feature to learn more.

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