Gay Marriage Name Changes On LA Driver's Licenses Start Monday

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The head of Louisiana State Police says members of same-sex couples who want their married name on their driver's licenses can make that change starting Monday.

         Col. Mike Edmonson says computers had to be reprogrammed to change a man's last name and to check the change with Social Security records.

         He says people changing their names need to bring in their certified marriage license and proof that they've changed the name in Social Security records. Those will provide information state police need for the computer check.

         Replacement four-year licenses cost $13; the new six-year license is $17.

         Some state agencies are holding off changes until 25 days after the Supreme Court's landmark ruling that marriage is a fundamental right for all U.S. citizens.

         Edmonson says, "I wasn't waiting on that."




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