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Gallo Mechanical LLC is built on a bedrock foundation of dedication to family, service and performance. The company, a 75-year locally-grown family operation, is deeply invested in finding the best way to both serve and grow the community in which they live and work.  As they have grown over the last seven and a half decades, Gallo Mechanical has sought to ensure that their focus remains in reinvesting in their community through both the work they carry out and the opportunities that they provide.

"In order to serve our clients, we need talented, well-trained employees.  One of our top priorities is to invest in local programs which will help to develop our future workforce – we want to provide careers (not just jobs) for our current and future employees. "

– JP Hymel, President, Gallo Mechanical


While Gallo understands the importance of traditional philanthropic giving, they felt the need to do more. The company has moved to partner with civic and local groups to create and foster opportunities for growth, stability and prosperity in their community, particularly among disconnected young New Orleanians. They have also engaged with programs which foster support for their employees during life’s hurdles, from navigating custody disputes or helping find the right medical provider. Gallo’s investment in education and trade-based employment provides a scalable market solution for disconnected youth in the community. The company has become and will continue to be a part of the solution for today’s workforce challenges by providing opportunities for young adults to achieve sustainable long-term employment and through that, financial prosperity.

"At Gallo Mechanical we know that making an impact in our community through workforce development is possible with meaningful partnerships."

– Maria Pote, Director of Special Projects, Gallo Mechanical


In the spirit of their company’s mission, Gallo has created a partnership with Earn and Learn, a career pathways program that reconnects opportunity youth to higher-growth career pathways. Gallo will work with Earn and Learn, which was created by the Tulane Cowen Institute, to provide five candidates with paid apprenticeships. These candidates will apprentice with Gallo as Helpers, registering with the Plumbers and Steamfitters’ Local Union No. 60 to receive education and training in skilled trades.
In addition to that education and paid position, the candidates will receive medical insurance benefits, additional soft and technical skills training, life coaching and wrap-around skills (including financial and medical aid and support). Gallo aims to work with their partners to promote trained workers with connections and a pathway to long-term success in both work and life.
Gallo is also partnering with NOLABA/GNOF and making use of their field-based navigator program. This program helps to empower employees to take on challenges that arise in their daily lives such as obtaining access to medical resources, navigating financial challenges and even finding access to legal aid for custody and familial support. Gallo’s own field-based navigator, Powell Digangi, is a trained social worker employed by GNOF. Digangi acts as a bridge for Gallo’s employees, connecting them to resources and support that they might not otherwise be able to reach. This bridged support allows Gallo’s employees to better grow and improve their lives, reaffirming Gallo Mechanical’s commitment to transformational change through support and workforce development.
Gallo will continue to partner with community-based nonprofits to give back to their community—both through traditional philanthropy and through the new, innovative route of fostering personal and professional growth and improvement within their company and beyond.

"Working with Gallo Mechanical to design this program has been a pleasure.  JP, Maria, and the rest of the Gallo team are motivated to attract the top talent New Orleans has to offer while also providing unmatched career opportunities for young adults."

–  Amy Barad, Deputy Director, Cowen Institute


Gallo Mechanical is a top-tier mechanical construction and service provider headquartered in New Orleans. Performance the right way is their only agenda. They aim to be the mechanical contractor of choice throughout the Gulf South region. To accomplish this aim, they’ve doubled down on their dedication to strong, consistent and excellent performance on their jobs while investing in their staff and their community.

"When companies like Gallo Mechanical act on the call for transformational change in New Orleans, it demonstrates that the city is moving in the right direction to improve the business climate and bring everyone to the economic table for prosperity. Gallo is taking affirmative steps to ensure that its people, the company’s most critical asset, have resources and services to enable them to be their most productive."

– Quentin L. Messer, Jr., President and CEO, New Orleans Business Alliance


Earn and Learn — Tulane Cowen Institute