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Arthur Simmons, Monica Coleman, Madison Gallo Boyce, Caitlin Sevick and Powell DiGangi


Gallo Mechanical is founded on a meaningful culture of family, service and performance. Gallo Mechanical lives these values through its commitment to its clients, employees and communities.

Gallo Mechanical is a family of companies headquartered in New Orleans with offices throughout South Louisiana, the Gulf Coast, and North Carolina. Proud to be the mechanical construction firm of choice, Gallo Mechanical operates knowing that engaged and supported employees are committed to exceptional service and provide unparalleled performance.

Throughout its 77-year history, Gallo Mechanical LLC has embraced giving back to its employees and communities as an integral part of its company values: Family, Service and Performance. Gallo Mechanical’s leadership team looks at giving back as a long-term investment in its people and community.


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(back row) Monica Coleman, Madison Gallo Boyce, Caitlin Sevick (sitting) Powell DiGangi, Arthur Simmons

Gallo Mechanical gives back through internal support programs, retention and talent development and community engagement. The company recently bolstered its internal support programs in significant ways.

In early 2021, Gallo Mechanical hired a new Director of Human Resources, Caitlin Sevick, who has grown the HR department and the support offered to employees from day one through trade and professional development. Since March 2021, the company has seen 220 new hires, increasing the total headcount to 463 employees across three companies: Gallo Mechanical LLC, Gallo Mechanical Services LLC and Sheet Metal Services LLC.

Caitlin, along with HR team members Arthur Simmons, Monica Coleman, and Madison Gallo Boyce, is strategically focused on what is needed for future success and on recruiting top talent through a variety of methods.


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In addition to its internal support programs, Gallo Mechanical also remains committed to partnering with local and regional organizations that provide meaningful resources and support to its employees and their families.

Over the last four years, Gallo Mechanical has partnered with the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF) and its Field Based Navigator Program, which provides a licensed social worker to work with company employees. Gallo’s field-based navigator, Powell DiGangi, is not just a partner in name; he is an integral part of the team for employees.

“When we started our partnership with Powell, we knew that we needed to inspire our people with the confidence that Powell is a part of Gallo—he is a team member and an extension of support where needed,” says Caitlin Sevick, HR Director at Gallo Mechanical.

At the beginning of the partnership, leaders met with each project manager, team lead, and supervisor in each of its companies and talked to them about the type of support and services Powell offers: social, emotional, educational, financial, etc. Powell was introduced as a “bridge to resources” for employees and was given on-site access to teams.

Employees began making appointments to meet with Powell to talk about challenges and solutions. He participates in the company’s onboarding process and is introduced to new employees as part of their support team. Today, Powell’s relationship with Gallo Mechanical employees has developed into a fluid dynamic. A new employee recently shared a challenge with a teammate, to which the teammate replied, “You know, I bet that is something that Powell could help you with,” and he did.

“We honor the engagement of our employees with Powell and value the support that he brings to the office and field,” says Caitlin. “GNOF and their field based navigator program is an incredible offering that we have access to, and we hope our experience inspires other companies to participate and engage in this meaningful partnership.”


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