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Gallo Mechanical and their partners the Greater New Orleans Foundation and the New Orleans Business Alliance

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Gallo Mechanical is founded on a meaningful culture of family, service and performance. Gallo Mechanical lives these values through its commitment to its clients, employees and communities.  


Gallo Mechanical is a family of companies headquartered in New Orleans with offices throughout South Louisiana, the Gulf Coast, and North Carolina. Proud to be able to be the mechanical construction firm of choice, Gallo Mechanical operates knowing that engaged and supported employees are committed to exceptional service and provide unparalleled performance.


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Augie Gallo, Norman Barnum IV, JP Hymel

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Gallo Mechanical recognizes its responsibility to give back to the communities in which its team works and lives. The company’s partnerships with community-based organizations demonstrate its commitment to provide support for employees, their families and the broader community in ways that provide resources and support that matter.

With the arrival of COVID-19, in a time riddled with nationwide stress and uncertainty, Gallo Mechanical took the opportunity to expand its partnerships and community-based giving in six specific ways.

Gallo Mechanical created a green tree funding program to provide loans for small businesses with the New Orleans Business Alliance. It increased employee support programs through GNOF with its field-based navigator, Powell DiGang. A wellness and stress management program was developed with “Tuesday Toolbox” sessions facilitated by Sarah Hoffpauer, a licensed social worker and Tulane Professor. To support its field and families, Gallo Mechanical hosted drive-through, pick-up employee dinners. Finally, to further education among employees, the company created a financial literacy series with Hancock Whitney and upped its participation with the organization EdNavigator.

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