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2019 Gallo Mechanical “Rising Stars” pictured with Quentin Messer, President/CEO New Orleans Business Alliance & Maria Pote, Pote Consulting LLC

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“Our number one focus will always be our people. One of the most important things we can do for employees is to provide well-rounded training. By partnering with the NOLABA, we are striving to improve communication skills through a work-shop style training program. We have been impressed with the training and the results for our people.”

— JP Hymel, President, Gallo Mechanical



Gallo Mechanical LLC is built on a bedrock foundation of dedication to family, service and performance. The company, a 75-year locally-grown family operation, is deeply invested in finding the best way to both serve and grow the community in which they live and work. As they have grown over the last seven and a half decades, Gallo Mechanical has sought to ensure that their focus remains in reinvesting in their community through both the work they carry out and the opportunities that they provide. In 2019, not only did Gallo Mechanical open and expand offices in the Carolinas, they also found new and meaningful ways to support their people.


“Gallo is demonstrating that investment in talent development is a home-run investment in profitable growth.  The Business Alliance is delighted to partner with Gallo Mechanical and have great expectations that its role modeling for companies throughout our region will lead to more opportunities for our friends and neighbors.”

— Quentin L. Messer, Jr. President and CEO, New Orleans Business Alliance



Gallo Mechanical is a top-tier mechanical construction and service provider headquartered in New Orleans. Performance the right way is their only agenda. They aim to be the mechanical contractor of choice throughout the Gulf South region and in the Carolinas. To accomplish this aim, they’ve doubled down on their dedication to strong, consistent and excellent performance on their jobs while investing in their staff and their community.


“I cannot be content with just being average; I need to be phenomenal in everything I do. What I do is not just a career: it has a direct impact to my community. I need to make sure what I do is always positive. To be a better leader, I need to communicate clearly.”

— Ceasar Montero, Foreman at Gallo Mechanical & 2019 Rising Star



In 2019, Gallo developed their Rising Stars program, designed to identify field-based employees with exemplary qualities and provide them with year-long professional and growth opportunities. These Stars, selected by supervisors and project managers, are workers who bring leadership, teamwork, a desire to improve and a high quality of performance to every task they work on, big or small. This past year, the Rising Stars participated in a New Orleans Business Alliance communications-based training workshop, which was created to give leaders in the field more tools that would allow them to continue to lead and thrive.

Gallo’s partnerships with NOLABA and the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF) are focused on their people and their community; they are investments. Gallo’s own field-based navigator, Powell DiGangi, is a trained social worker employed by GNOF. DiGangi acts as a bridge for Gallo’s employees, connecting them to resources and support that they might not otherwise be able to reach. Thanks to DiGangi, Gallo was able to create a unique resource in its Resiliency Program. Gallo will continue to partner with community-based nonprofits to give back to their community—both through traditional philanthropy and through the innovative route of fostering personal and professional growth and improvement within their company and beyond.


“Our construction community was impacted by the recent building collapse.  We wanted to provide our team with professional assistance in the immediate aftermath of the building failure through a Resiliency Program.  We quickly realized the impact stress is having on our entire team, so we expanded our focus to include stress management.”

— JP Hymel, President, Gallo Mechanical



While Gallo understands the importance of traditional philanthropic giving, they felt the need to do more. “Gallo Mechanical is invested – in their people and in ways to support them that matter,” said Maria Pote, Founder of Pote Consulting LLC.  The company has moved to partner with civic and local groups to create and foster opportunities for growth, stability and prosperity in their community, particularly among disconnected young New Orleanians. They have also engaged with programs which foster support for their employees during life’s hurdles, from navigating custody disputes or helping find the right medical provider. Gallo’s investment in education and trade-based employment provides a scalable market solution for disconnected youth in the community. The company has become and will continue to be a part of the solution for today’s workforce challenges by providing opportunities for young adults to achieve sustainable long-term employment and through that, financial prosperity.

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Photographed (left to right) Augie Gallo, JP Hymel, Victoria Adams Phipps, Quentin Messer & Patrick Young


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