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Saints have best child ticket policy in NFL
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“Start ’em young, raise ’em right,” goes the maxim. It’s definitely one endorsed by the New Orleans Saints.

 The Saints allow children five years old and under to experience the thrill of an NFL game for free. It’s, by far, the most family-friendly child ticket policy in the league. And one that helps Wee Dats grow into lifelong Who Dats.

“We are deeply appreciative and proud that the Saints represent everyone in our community,” said Dennis Lauscha, Saints President. “Our games are where people come together from every neighborhood, every background and every age.  We want our games and fan experience to be great for fans of all ages and our policies reflect that commitment to inclusiveness.”

The NFL doesn’t set league wide guidelines on children’s tickets, and allows each team to set their own rules. Most go by age, while others have a height requirement. Six teams require everyone who enters the stadium to have a ticket – no restrictions – even babies, according to Ticket City, an online sporting event ticket broker.

Children who get into the Mercedes-Benz Superdome without a ticket do not have rights to a seat and have to sit on a parent or guardian’s lap. Still, they have the opportunity to see their football heroes in person.


Child Ticket Policy                         Team

Free 5 years old & younger          New Orleans Saints

Free 1 & younger                          Arizona Cardinals

                                                      Baltimore Ravens

                                                      Buffalo Bills

                                                      Cincinnati Bengals

                                                      Cleveland Browns

                                                      Denver Broncos

                                                      Detroit Lions

                                                      Houston Texans

                                                      Kansas City Chiefs

                                                      Miami Dolphins

                                                      San Francisco 49ers

                                                      Seattle Seahawks

                                                      Tennessee Titans

                                                      St. Louis Rams

Free 12 months & younger           Carolina Panthers

                                                      Dallas Cowboys

Free Under 36 inches                    Minnesota Viking

Free Under 35 inches                    New York Giants

Free Under 34 inches                    New York Jets

                                                      Jacksonville Jaguars

Free Under 33 inches                    Atlanta Falcons

Free Under 32 inches                    Chicago Bears

Ticket Required                             Indianapolis Colts

                                                      Pittsburgh Steelers

                                                      Green Bay Packers

                                                      New England Patriots

                                                      Philadelphia Eagles

                                                      Washington Redskins






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