Flooded LA Homeowners: Free Well Water Testing Kits For Science

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Virginia Tech and LSU Health New Orleans researchers are offering free well water tests to Louisiana homeowners affected by the August floods.

         They're studying how the floods affected private wells and whether the wells were effectively disinfected.

         Virginia Tech researcher Kelsey Pieper says well-owners will be mailed results of tests for metals and coliform bacteria.

         She's also talking with North Carolina officials about whether a similar project is needed in that state.

         Any homeowner with a private well in the flood-affected area is eligible for one of the 150 test kits to be distributed Thursday and Friday at two churches in French Settlement.

         LSU researcher Adrienne Katner says about 50 had been reserved by Tuesday.

         Those not reserved will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

         – by AP Reporter Janet McConnaughey



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