Fix My Streets Financing Working Group To Hold Public Meeting

Mayor Mitch Landrieu and members of the Fix My Streets Financing Working Group

NEW ORLEANS — Today, Tuesday, Nov. 29, the City’s Fix My Streets Financing Working Group will hold its sixth public meeting to address New Orleans’ long-term infrastructure needs at City Hall, 1300 Perdido St., Room 8E10. Established by Executive Order by Mayor Landrieu, the Fix My Streets Financing Working Group has been charged with developing recommendations about how the city can pay for interior street repairs based on information presented during the public meetings. Members of the Fix My Streets Financing Working Group have expertise in civil engineering, business, construction, finance, banking, transportation and community engagement.

         Agenda items for today’s 1:00 p.m. meeting include the Drainage Millage Renewal presentation and financing options for street repair. Topics previously discussed include the Citywide Pavement Assessment report presentation.

         The Executive Order charges the Working Group with the following:


• To review all estimates for replacements and repair of all streets and subsurface utilities in New Orleans;

• To review all current funding sources for street and subsurface utility repairs in New Orleans;

• To review the pavement condition survey completed by the city of New Orleans that will be used for street prioritization;

• To review strategies that parties are currently using to inform the public about construction progress and timelines, as well as future construction;

• To review information about national best practices for financing infrastructure repair and recommendations that other organizations may submit to the Working Group;

• To review the planning processes, policies and implementation strategies undertaken by the various agencies fixing streets and subsurface utilities;

• To assess the affordability of the various options for financing infrastructure repairs; and

• To make final recommendations to the Mayor and the City Council regarding a long-term strategic financing plan for infrastructure repairs—particularly streets and subsurface utilities- in Orleans Parish.

• The Fix My Streets Financing Working Group is comprised of members with expertise in finance, business, construction, engineering, transportation and civic engagement. Written public comments will be accepted by notecard submissions. Only comments pertaining to the working group will be discussed during the meeting. Public comments can also be submitted via email at


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