Fire Rages Inside Historic Carnival Home

2-20-19, 12:15 p.m.
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NEW ORLEANS – The fire in a historic St. Charles home that began on Wednesday morning has continued to rage into the early afternoon. Because of its connections to the Krewes of Rex and Comus, the house on 2525 St. Charles Avenue is steeped in Carnival history. 

“This is a big loss to New Orleans Carnival,” said Errol Laborde, a Mardi Gras historian and the editor in chief of New Orleans Magazine

“The families of Carnival kings and queens have lived in that house,” he said, adding that the house is likely filled with Rex memorabilia that will be lost in the fire. “It’s probably the most important building in terms of Carnival.”

The New Orleans Fire Department is still on the scene fighting flames inside the house.


Source: Biz New Orleans

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