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This month, The Idea Village is hosting its annual New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW), and I’m excited to say that over the past year the ecosystem fostering entrepreneurs from New Orleans has never shone brighter than with the acquisitions of tech startups Lucid, Levelset and TurboSquid. If you missed the story, check out the January 2022 issue of Biz New Orleans.

The New Orleans area has many economic development agencies, starting with GNO, Inc., as the region’s leader, along with parish organizations like JEDCO, NOBA, St. Tammany Corporation and the St. Bernard Economic Development Foundation. These groups seek out businesses to relocate and make our area their home, all while retaining current local businesses with resources to help them grow.

All this is buoyed by our underlying entrepreneur support system where business founders, owners and ideas are generated and developed. Which brings us back to The Idea Village and groups like Propeller and so many others. I personally am a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization of Louisiana, the local chapter of the global Entrepreneur Organization, a network of business owners helping to transform the lives of entrepreneurs.

Since 2006 — with the formation of Renaissance Publishing, Biz New Orleans’ parent company — EO Louisiana, and specifically my forum group, has been there to help guide me along the journey. Every entrepreneur needs a resource group, a sounding board that knows what you are going through and can offer advice without telling you what to do, but instead share their experience on what they did in that same situation.

So many times, as an entrepreneur, founder and business owner you are faced with decisions where you need advice and only someone in your same situation understands the complexity of your decision. Every month, I meet with my forum of business owners — people that are so close to me that they have become my personal board of directors, people that share the 5% of their lives in such a confidential setting that fosters great thought to help each other grow both professionally and personally.

Back in 2014, when we decided to launch Biz New Orleans, this group was the first to know. They understood what was involved with developing a new product and all the decisions that needed to be made before introducing it to the public. Those monthly meetings were invaluable to the launch of Biz.

So, as we approach NOEW (March 21-25), I invite you to reflect on your own support system as a business owner and find your personal go-to resources and use them to enhance your business and life’s journey.


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