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Fidelity Bank team members live by their core value of community by volunteering their time.


Fidelity’s mission is to remain the long-term institution of choice in the marketplace by continually improving and enhancing its rich heritage of over 100 years. “Here for Good” means helping families and businesses thrive in the communities Fidelity serves.


Since 1908, Fidelity Bank has been lending a helping hand to the communities it serves. The Bank’s rich heritage as a homestead bank means it has helped to build the communities its team members live in and made the dream of homeownership possible for countless clients. Fidelity Bank’s mortgage division, NOLA Lending Group, continues this legacy and is one of the premier mortgage lenders in the community. A full-service financial institution, Fidelity Bank offers solutions to meet the needs of both personal and business clients. Fidelity Bank is committed to delivering world-class client service at 18 branch locations and through its online and mobile banking offerings.

Giving back is so important to the Fidelity Family that “community” is one of its core values. The Bank supports team members’ initiatives by offering paid time off to give back to the causes of their choice. Team members serve on local boards, participate in community events, and volunteer for local organizations.


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Fidelity Bank offers paid time off so associates may make a difference in the communities they serve.

Fidelity Bank’s unique Community Partner program provides checking and more to 501(c)(3) non-profits across the region. To date, the program has grown to include over 130 organizations. Bank’s Community Partner program provides an annual gift to participating non-profits who are also spotlighted on the Bank’s website and supported not just financially but through volunteerism, marketing support, and event management.


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