Feeling Pollyanna-ish

Editor's Note
Kimberley Singletary
Illustration by Paddy Mills

This is my favorite time of the year.

Actually, it starts in October, (because cooler weather and Halloween!) but it continues to the end of the year. Festival season starts ramping up in the fall and calendars quickly get packed with activities which, along with the presence of two major holidays, creates the feeling that time is moving quicker, but in a good way.

I’m a list person, a planner, and a goal setter, and to that end this time of year brings me extra joy because it’s a natural time to take stock in what has happened and make plans for the future. I’m maybe one of the last people on the planet that has a physical planner and calendar and I love to sit down with it and page back over the weeks and months and remember the year. (It’s basically the grown-up version of the diary I used to keep when I was 6 years old, but with much less complaining about my little brother and much more doctor and dentist appointments).

All year things move at such a pace that it’s easy to lose track of accomplishments and challenges and good memories that have been made. And as the years continue to move quicker, that feels extra important.

I delight in looking back, but I get energized looking forward. Every writer knows what it’s like to look at a blank page and feel overwhelmed and intimidated, even a bit of dread, but that time just before something begins is also where the greatest possibility lies.

May your coming year be full of possibilities, and may you embrace them to their fullest.

Thank you for reading.

Kimberley Singletary
Managing Editor


Correction: In the November issue article on succession planning, the co-owner of Command Construction Industries is Kelly Commander, not Kathleen.