Fairplay: Port Of South LA Largest In Western Hemisphere, 16th In The World

NEW ORLEANS – According to a new report by international shipping magazine Fairplay, The Port of South Louisiana is the largest port by tonnage in the Western Hemisphere and ranks 16th in the world. 

         The Port is one of only three in the top 20 located outside of Asia.

         The report reads: “The largest port by tonnage in the Western Hemisphere, the Port of South Louisiana stretches 87 km along the Mississippi River. Cargo throughput at the U.S. port has risen from 274.27 million tonnes in 2011 to 295 million tonnes in 2016, a 7.5 percent rise. The Port is already producing stronger numbers in 2017 compared with last year’s totals. This year, the majority of freight seems to be comprised of petrochemicals, maize, soyabeans, and crude oil.”

         Fairplay’s top 20 ports by tonnage in the world include:


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