Facts and Statistics on Louisiana’s Hispanic community

The Hispanic Chamber hosted 484+ Events since January 2020

Approximately 500 members and Corporate Sponsors support HCCL

In 2020, Hispanic workers made 27.4% less than non-Hispanic white counterparts, despite a higher labor-force participation rate (65% compared to 60%)

The HCCL team grew by 33% over the last year

There are approximately 1 million minority-owned businesses in the US; of those, approximately 322 thousand are Hispanic-owned

In 2020, HCCL shared more than 7,700 job opportunities and more than 230 procurement opportunities

1,560 Individuals benefited from HCCL programs and events

HCCL membership grew by 26.34% between January 2020 and June 2021

HCCL has dedicated more than 175 Hours to improving digital literacy

To date, HCCL hashosted 51 financial literacy training sessions

HCCL provided 17,675 individuals with critical COVID-19 updates during the pandemic

Hispanic populations faced a COVID-19 mortality rate 1.24 times higher than non-Hispanic white populations

In 2018, Hispanic-owned businesses made up approx. 5.8% of all businesses & contributed an estimated $455.6 billion to the economy

The number of Hispanic-owned businesses in athe US grew by 3% since 2017

SOURCES: HCCL | Economic Policy Institute | Census.gov | CDC | Updated August 2021