Expansion of Homeless Services Planned

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Mark Gagliano of Coastal Environments Inc.

“This is a new phase for our organization, providing a brighter future for so many in need.” — Clarence Adams, CEO of Ozanam Inn, a nonprofit that has supported the homeless population in New Orleans since 1955. On Jan. 5, Ozanam Inn announced it had purchased a new facility at 2239 Poydras St., that will allow the organization to expand its bed capacity from 96 to 150. It will also expand its medical and dental services with a dedicated clinic suite to include four medical exam rooms and a large dental exam room, allowing Ozanam’s partners at LSU School of Medicine, Tulane University Medical School and LSU School of Dentistry the opportunity to provide basic healthcare to hundreds more individuals each year.


Your presence at Wednesday’s rally makes you, in large part, responsible for what took place. If you care to regain the trust and support of this community, my suggestion is that you give much more consideration to all of your customers and employees when you engage in such reprehensible political activity.

From a letter Louisiana State Rep. Royce Duplessis wrote to Donald Rouse, the co-owner of Rouse’s Enterprises LLC, after Rouse’s attendance at a pro-Trump rally in Washington, D.C. just before the Capitol riot on Jan. 6.


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