Exciting Things to Come


As we approach the summer, midway point of 2021, the staff has been working behind the scenes on many new projects, with some rolling out this month and others debuting this fall.

This month, our digital editor unveils two new websites for our regional and state magazines, AcadianaProfile.com and LouisianaLife.com later this month. For the longest time they have been part of BizNewOrleans.com’s sister lifestyle site, MyNewOrleans.com, but the time has come for them to branch off. Check them out.

Earlier this year, I mentioned that in the fourth quarter we are launching the Biz New Orleans 500, a book showcasing some of New Orleans’ most influential businesspeople divided into categories that reflect the region’s economy. That project is in final list stage and we will begin writing profiles this summer.

New Orleans Magazine and New Orleans Home completed their redesigns last year, and this year, during its 25th anniversary, St. Charles Avenue will receive a cover-to-cover makeover with an unveiling of its new look in September. As for events, we are gearing up for the return of our bridal show this August. New Orleans Bride has not held a show since January 2020, so we are all excited to bring that community together for a fun, festive event.

So much is happening at Renaissance and I am so proud of the staff. Great work!




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