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Theresa Jones, Chief Innovator & Strategist

“In today’s climate, if small business owners don’t have certain things, they won’t have a business.”

Theresa Jones, the dynamic founder of EVALV IQ and its subsidiary EVALV IT, is a testament to the transformative power of cybersecurity expertise and the critical role cybersecurity plays in today’s digital age. As the first minority female-owned cybersecurity firm in Louisiana, EVALV IQ is headquartered in New Orleans with a nationwide client base.

Jones’ firsthand experience with cyber threats fueled her passion for creating robust, secure, and efficient IT solutions. She recognized early on that the rapidly evolving digital landscape necessitated a proactive approach to cybersecurity and the education of small business owners.

“I was in tech sales, and there was a massive disconnect between small business owners and technology,” says Jones. “The vendors were taking advantage of small business owners, and I didn’t like that. In today’s climate, if small business owners don’t have certain things, they won’t have a business.”

While some business owners might scoff at implementing cybersecurity resources, Jones has seen the destruction of small businesses that do not have proper solutions in place.

“We spent a few years supporting various port authorities and the Louisiana Supreme Court and figured out cost-effective resources for small businesses. For example, I’m making everyone purchase cyber insurance,” says Jones. “Even if you get breached as a small business, you can at least get assistance building their businesses back.

Theresa Jones’ relentless commitment to cybersecurity and her innovative approach to IT management has set new standards in the industry, making a significant impact on the way businesses manage their IT needs as a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable, efficient, and secure IT infrastructure.


365 Canal Street, Suite 820 | New Orleans | 504-503-0540 | evalv.today


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