Eurofins Scientific Establishes Internship, Scholarship Program For UNO Students

NEW ORLEANS – Eurofins Scientific, an international bioanalytical testing company with laboratory operations in New Orleans, has established an internship and scholarship program for University of New Orleans students.
         Four UNO students are currently serving as paid interns in Eurofins labs, and also receiving a $2,500 scholarship. The scholarships are funded by Eurofins Scientific; Michael Russell, the former CEO of Eurofins; and the UNO College of Sciences.
         Eurofins Scientific has a laboratory facility located in the UNO Research and Technology Park. The multinational company, which employs more than 20,000 people in more than 200 laboratories located in 38 countries, provides testing and support services to the pharmaceutical, food, environmental and consumer products industries and to governments.
         The laboratories in New Orleans are nationally recognized leaders in the analysis of chemical contaminants as well as GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in food and feed products. With more than 43,000 square feet of state-of-the-art laboratory space, the New Orleans facility represents the largest hub for analytical testing in the southeastern United States.
         “My wife, Judi, and I have always appreciated the work of the University of New Orleans, especially since she is a graduate,” said Russell, who served as CEO of Eurofins Scientific for five years and is now a member of its board of directors. “It is our hope that the scholarships we provide will be of assistance to science-minded students working their way toward their degrees. And thanks to the participation of Eurofins, students will have the opportunity for a meaningful internship that allows them to apply the concepts and skills learned at UNO in a real-world laboratory situation. Altogether we think this makes for a multi-faceted opportunity for the students, and we look forward to making it grow over the years.”
         The students, who are chemistry and biological sciences undergraduates, began their internships at the New Orleans Eurofins lab in the summer.
         “Working at Eurofins has enhanced my college experience, mostly by offering lots of hands-on experience in my field of study,” said Mallorie Brimmer, a senior chemistry major. “Although classroom learning offers invaluable knowledge that's needed in the workforce, actually getting to work in the lab makes it all come together. I feel like I will be well-prepared when I go on to find a job because I am doing similar things now during the internship.”
         Eurofins Scientific is the world leader in food, environment and pharmaceutical products testing. It is also one of the global market leaders in agroscience, genomics, discovery pharmacology and central laboratory services. In addition, Eurofins is one of the key emerging players in specialty clinical diagnostic testing in Europe and the USA.
         Eurofins reps said the company is committed to pursuing its dynamic growth strategy by expanding both its technology portfolio and its geographic reach. Through R&D and acquisitions, the Group draws on the latest developments in the field of biotechnology and analytical chemistry to offer its clients unique analytical solutions and the most comprehensive range of testing methods.
         Eurofins reps said the company is positioned to support its clients' increasingly stringent quality and safety standards and the expanding demands of regulatory authorities around the world.
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