Episode 61: Hiring and Retention – A Whole New Employment Landscape

We’re in the midst of a whole new employment landscape that has companies struggling to hire and retain good talent. For tips on how best to navigate this new reality, we picked the brain of Anna Steele, operations manager with Delta Personnel, a 53-year-old full-service staffing agency serving the region. What are the most in-demand benefits right now? How has the job search changed for all parties? What can a company do to keep the good employees it’s got? Steele shares her best tips for employers and employees looking to find that perfect fit.

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Anna Steele joined Delta Personnel in 2020 to oversee daily operations and enhance business development. Leveraging over 20 years of experience, Steele’s influence has been integral in shifting to more innovative processes and tools during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a credible voice in providing tactical direction, she has refocused the company’s offerings on solutions for systematic efficiency, evaluating results and verifying compliance.

Steele found her niche in human resources and operations after launching a new direct hire division for a national staffing firm. She then moved into a corporate technical recruiting role for a dynamic software development company and federal government contractor. Originally from Virginia and the Washington, DC metro area, she relocated to New Orleans in 2011 to further develop her career in the architecture, construction and healthcare sectors. Her entrepreneurial spirit eventually led her to cofound a consumer product startup in 2019, and after many successes, she transitioned from that journey due to the novel Coronavirus. Furthermore, she could not have imagined a more respected or lively enterprise to join forces with amid this uncertain time and already feels right at home working for Delta Personnel.

Steele holds various degrees in business and education. She spends her free time as an artisan and creative, serving as VP on a local cancer foundation board of directors, as well as embarking on adventures and weekly dinner dates with her daughter.




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