Episode 59: Food and Sweatpants, MR EATWELL

Crystal Hot Sauce and Café du Monde are the first two brands to partner with rapidly rising startup MR EATWELL, a New Orleans foodwear brand company formed last year by Irish Channel resident Matt Rebackoff that celebrates food with comfortable loungewear. Rebackoff shares his surprising success story in this week’s episode of Biz Talks.

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Matt Rebackoff grew up bouncing between New York and then St. Louis and then New York again, before a long weekend in New Orleans in 2017 turned into a few missed flights and a lease signed in the Irish Channel. He worked as a buyer for Murray’s Cheese and then Dean & Deluca in New York, and started MR EATWELL by accident after printing a bowl of pasta on a hoodie for himself that people ended up really liking. He appreciates you.




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