Episode 53: Louisiana Has Its First Sake!

The first-ever Louisiana made craft sake hit the market a month ago and the two women behind it — Nan Wallis and Lindsey Brower, owners of Wetlands Sake — tell us all about it, how it came to be, and where you can grab some on this week’s episode of BizTalks.

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Nan Wallis


Nan Wallis’ dynamic career began in the healthcare sector, where she cultivated her skills in strategy and development. Her journey led her to pro-bono work for nonprofits, where she applied her rich history of leadership skills and community care. The idea for Wetlands Sake was born from her combined passion for sake, appreciation of local natural resources and entrepreneurial spirit.

Lindsey Brower Beard is the fourth generation in her family to flourish in the hospitality industry of New Orleans. After receiving her degree in hospitality management, she spent over a decade developing front of house and marketing programs for various fine dining establishments. Her love for sake and affinity for crafting a unique brand experience have made her a driving force in the creation of Wetlands Sake.


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Lindsey Brower



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