Episode 45: A New Era is Dawning for Live Events – What Will It Look Like?

If you attended Celebration in the Oaks or Floats in the Oaks, you experienced innovative event solutions from local tech company WRSTBND, including everything from QR code ticketing text messages to traffic flow tracking and a custom-built radio station. As we look to return to more concerts, festivals and fundraisers, organizers will be making every effort to make them safer, more convenient and more engaging. WRSTBND CEO Conway Solomon shares some of the possibilities his company has developed so far and what he thinks the future holds for the industry.

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Conway Solomon is the CEO and co-founder of WRSTBND. He has nearly a decade of experience working to build and grow technology products around live-events and entertainment. After working in event management and production for years, Solomon co-founded event technology company WRSTBND in 2019. He has worked on high-profile projects throughout the years, including ESSENCE Festival, College Football Playoff Championship, KAABOO and Celebration in the Oaks.



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