Episode 35: New Specialized Healthcare Startup Arrives in Louisiana

Healthcare is moving quickly into the digital world — as we’ve seen recently with the rapid expansion of telehealth — and with this move comes new opportunities for entrepreneurs. On this week’s podcast, we talk with a physician whose startup is the first to use technology to bring in-demand care to an underserved population that numbers 1.4 million people just in the U.S.

Stanford University trained emergency physician and Silicon Valley veteran Dr. Matthew Wetschler is the CEO and co-founder of Plume, the first digital health startup for the transgender community, which announced its entrance into Louisiana on Dec. 14.

In just its first year, Plume has reached nearly 90% of the transgender community, offering a monthly subscription service to provide immediate access to gender affirming hormone therapy through the convenience of a smartphone.

Dr. Wetschler discusses what his startup will mean for Louisiana’s transgender community and what he sees for the future of health startups on this week’s BizTalks.

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More about Dr. Matthew Wetschler

Dr. Wetschler also holds a masters of public health at University of North Carolina with a focus on technology, new models of health care, and entrepreneurship. He spent the last 7 years in Silicon Valley and ran a consulting service connecting health startups with the clinical environment.

Dr. Wetschler co-founded Plume in December of 2019 with his best friend from medical school, Dr. Jerrica Kirkley, an expert in gender affirming care and a transgender woman herself. After raising initial funding, they have grown quickly and now are available to nearly 90% of the transgender community in the US.




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