Episode 31: What’s Up With City Park?

The current pandemic has been just as devastating as Hurricane Katrina was for New Orleans’ City Park according to its CEO, Bob Becker.  While many areas of the park are busier than ever in this time of social distancing, the funding sources necessary to keep the park operating have been severely limited. Becker shares the details of how the park is faring, along with what you need to know about this year’s new Celebration in the Oaks driving tour — which starts Thanksgiving night — and offers up some ideas for fun ways you may not realize you can support the park. 

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About Bob Becker:

Dr. Robert Becker has been the CEO of City Park since 2001 and is credited with dramatically improving the park’s financial condition, securing the first-ever public financing toward the park’s operating expenses from both the city and the state, and successfully leading the effort to develop a new vision for the park’s future. Under Becker’s leadership, the City Park Improvement Association adopted City Park 2018, a comprehensive master plan for the park that details its land use strategy and the projects and programs to implement the plan. By the end of 2018, over $200 million in capital improvements will have been invested in the Park’s 1,300 acres. 

Prior to his work in City Park, Becker was the senior vice president for the Audubon Nature Institute and was the executive director of the New Orleans City Planning Commission.



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