Episode 23: Should You Be Testing Employees for Marijuana? Thanks to New Changes in Louisiana’s Medical Marijuana Law, the Answer Is Complicated.



This past August, more than 200 new laws went into effect in Louisiana, including one that now permits any practicing physician to recommend medical marijuana for any condition determined to be “debilitating” — vastly expanding potential use from what was formerly only 14 recognized medical conditions.

What does this mean for local employers? Should you be testing for marijuana use or will that cause more problems than it’s worth? How does this change impact federally regulated industries?

In this week’s podcast, Biz New Orleans Editor Kim Singletary chats with drug testing expert Jared Rosenthal, founder and CEO of Health Street, a software solution that helps over 20,000 businesses set up drug tests and occupational health services at over 10,000 clinics nationwide. Rosenthal shares the struggles this has created for employers nationwide and what he advises they do.


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