Episode 124: Commander’s Palace’s “Wine Guy” Talks “Sips of Autumn” and Holiday Pairings

This week, Dan Davis — the sommelier, better known as the “Wine Guy,” at Commander’s Palace — is talking wine. Davis shares how the restaurant used wine to bring in extra revenue, and sanity, during the pandemic, plus he talks details of a must-attend event for any wine lover this month, and offers some fun insight into the world of wine, including his top pics for your table this year.

This week’s episode is sponsored by Energy Smart, Entergy New Orleans’ energy efficiency program

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At the venerable Commander’s Palace in New Orleans, there is no such thing as a head sommelier. Dan Davis, the man who oversees the impressive 2,600-bottle list, is instead simply known as the “Wine Guy”—a moniker that embodies the restaurant’s philosophy of making sure guests enjoy every aspect of their dining experience without intimidation.



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