Episode 122: Dr. Michelle Collins Unveils the New Loyola-Ochsner Nursing Simulation Lab

This month, Loyola University New Orleans is celebrating the debut of a $1.9 million dollar experiential learning space that allows nursing students to practice many medical procedures — from drawing blood to delivering a baby — using robotic mannequins and other high-tech devices. On today’s episode, Collins talks about the new lab, the nationwide nursing shortage, Loyola’s Ochsner partnership and her long-running blog about the PBS show “Call the Midwife.”

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Dr. Michelle Collins, Dean and Professor at Loyola New Orleans University College of Nursing and Health, has spent her decades-long career first as a registered nurse in Labor and Delivery and Pediatrics, and then as a Certified Nurse-Midwife. As a practitioner, educator, and administrator she is involved in a number of national nursing committees and task forces. Her passion is helping to improve maternal-child health and given that Louisiana has the worst maternal-child outcomes in pregnancy and birth, there is no shortage of work to do here. In addition to her responsibilities as Dean at Loyola, she maintains an active clinical practice working as a Certified Nurse-Midwife at Ochsner Baptist in New Orleans.

Another passion of Dr. Collins is the use of nitrous oxide in childbirth. Having spent a semester in her undergraduate education in London, England working alongside midwives of the National Health Service, Dr. Collins first saw nitrous oxide used routinely in childbirth. In 2011, she led the initiative at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee to make nitrous oxide available to women as an option in childbirth. Since that time, she has consulted for hundreds of hospitals to assist in initiating nitrous oxide services, as well as being invited to lecture frequently on the topic frequently, both nationally and internationally.

And just for fun, at the invitation of the National Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) network, Dr. Collins writes a weekly blog for the British show “Call the Midwife,” which you can find at the PBS website.


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