Episode 64: The Juice is Loose

N.O.-based startup Brewsy’s wine-making kits are a hit.

This week’s podcast features Neal Shulman, co-founder and CEO of Brewsy, a new direct-to-consumer wine company that doesn’t deliver bottles – instead, it helps customers make their own. Based in the Seventh Ward, the company has already sold more than 100,000 fermentation bags to customers around the world.

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Neal Shulman is the co-founder/co-CEO of Brewsy, a startup that allows anyone to craft their own wine and hard cider at home. After graduating with a materials science and engineering degree from Arizona State University, he worked as the head of product development and design at a medical supplies company for two years, developing more than 20 direct-to-consumer packaged goods with over $8 million in sales. At the beginning of the pandemic, Shulman decided to develop a hobby product that could bring people together, even when apart. He spent months formulating the Brewsy Bag, a packet of powder that ferments any juice into wine. As of July 2021, Brewsy has sold more than 100,000 Brewsy bags and is in expansion mode.



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