EO Spotlight: Will Scott

Jeff Strout

CEO & Co-Founder, Search Influence  •  Digital Marketing & SEO •  EO Member Since 2015


An entrepreneur's life isn't all pitching deals and innovation — according to Will Scott, it feels like what's needed is group therapy for CEOs.

“People think that as a business owner you've got it made, that you know all the answers,” Scott said. “Those of us who are in it know that most of the time, there are no answers.”

Scott, CEO and co-founder of Search Influence, has spent his life in marketing. His grandmother sold Yellow Pages ads for the LM Berry Co., and his mother and stepfather were on the leading edge of direct mail marketing. Before his current venture with his wife, Angie, Scott worked for YPsolutions, a company that specialized in putting Yellow Pages online and optimizing their placement on Google. This was critical in the development of Search Influence, instilling that passion to help small businesses succeed online.

“YPsolutions was sold at the beginning of 2006, and we found ourselves looking for our next adventure,” Scott said. “The thing we had been doing, which Angie and I could best relate to, was promoting the local businesses who were the historic Yellow Pages customers.”

Continuing the focus on small business, Scott is on the EO Louisiana board as the Chair of the Accelerator program. EO Accelerator helps businesses with at least $250,000.00 in revenue grow to over $1 million.

Together, he and Angie began Search Influence in the spare bedroom of their Mandeville home, while Angie worked part-time for TurboSquid.

“In the very beginning, we worked with a company in India who was using Internet marketing to promote affiliate marketing sites,” Scott said. “We initially borrowed capacity, and quickly learned we needed our own team. Our clients and our knowledge has grown. We now work with clients from small businesses to mid-market nonprofits and educational institutions.”

As Search Influence grew, the need for that “group therapy” became even more essential. Scott knew that the only way to ensure continued success was to learn from the mistakes — and victories — of his peers. He said he could trust EO to guide him because everyone is “either working on something big, or has done something big.”

“Forum spans all areas of life. It's a mix of business and personal, and I get benefit from each,” Scott said. “We've helped each other hire, fire, start and end businesses. Knowing we've all had the same experiences allows us to get deeper more quickly. I've brought some of the candor we're used to in EO to other areas of my life, and I think it really benefits mutual understanding and growth.”

While Scott has attended EO events all over the world, he said the most impactful experiences have been locally, with the rest of the EO Louisiana community. In addition to business, the discussions range from intimately personal advice to book recommendations.

“The value in leverage of other brains is undeniable,” Scott said. “The discussion from which I got the most value was when I learned that most of my forum mates had read and gotten value from the same book, ​The Five Love Languages, which I then shared with my wife. It was a personally powerful moment and not, perhaps, what one would think of if they thought EO was just about business.”

Through forum, Scott was able to take part in one-to-one learning with Geoff Woods, Vice President of The ONE Thing, whose book teaches tools for time management and decision making.

“To have the ability to work through the lessons of the book and to understand the impact of extreme focus in work and life was amazing,” Scott said. “It was even better to do it with this group in which we all know one another so well, having spent years discussing life, business and the world at large. Our ability to support each other's' growth through this learning is priceless.”