EO Spotlight: Erik Frank

Jeff Strout

CEO, Your Nutrition Delivered  •  Corporate Wellness  •  EO Member Since 2016


Until he joined EO, Erik Frank had never been “naked” in front of his colleagues. When he finally tried it, he only wished he had done it sooner.

“When I say ‘get naked,’ I mean that I put everything out on the table that is affecting my life,” Frank said. “Be it professional, personal or family issues, the EO forum experience has allowed me to share things that are not easily shared, and to learn how my forum mates have dealt with similar episodes in their lives.”

This platform for openness and honesty has been invaluable to his professional and individual growth, he said. It has inspired him to learn, to take advantage of opportunities he had not considered and to apply EO’s values across all areas of his life. Now, as president-elect of EO, that relationship with his entrepreneurial fellows has never been more important.

“I am dedicated to making my mark within the chapter,” Frank said. “My goal is to leave the chapter in better shape than I found it and to help bring our chapter’s membership back to pre-Katrina levels.”

Of course, Frank is no stranger to making his mark. This very drive to make a difference was the impetus behind the formation of his own business, Your Nutrition Delivered.

“I realized there was very little healthy food in the workplace,” Frank said. “I worked to construct some of the very first corporate wellness programs in the country, and was frustrated that all of the rewards were based on activity rather than nutrition, which makes up 60 percent of one’s total health.”

Frank presented the idea of healthy food in the workplace but was told that “employees would not pay to eat healthy, and that food should be cheap and have a long shelf life.” This did not sit well with Frank — he knew that not only was there was a market for healthier foods, but that he could be the one to successfully tap in to it.

“It was almost as if I was watching a movie and an old timer was defending buggy whips to Henry Ford,” Frank said. “I knew that times were changing, consumers were getting smarter and that healthy food would work in the corporate environment.”

Seven years later, as national contenders like Sodexo, Aramark and Compass roll out their own health and nutritional programs, it’s clear that he was right. Frank’s success with Your Nutrition Delivered has only inspired him to learn more and to try more; one success is not enough for someone attempting to leave their mark, and now he turns to EO to push himself and his abilities even further.

“I pride myself on trying to learn every day, whether that means listening to audiobooks on the way to work or hearing speakers like Jack Daly or Andy Bailey that EO has brought in,” Frank said. “Thirst for learning is something that I see in so many EO members, which is most likely a big reason for their success.”

Frank said that along with the community support the organization has offered him, EO’s Forum retreats have allowed him to hear from entrepreneurs like Geoff Woods, CEO of The ONE Thing, and to implement the wisdom and advice he hears in his own company.

“On each retreat, we get closer to one another, and the closeness breeds more trust and respect,” Frank said. “EO is constantly providing me with opportunities to try new and fresh things, and as long as they don’t involve jumping out of something that is very high off the ground…I will try them.”