Entergy Unveils New Logo

Entergy H RgbNEW ORLEANS – After 30 years without any changes, Entergy has unveiled a “refreshed” logo along with a new corporate brand that reflects the company’s “aspiration to become the premier electric utility and deliver a cleaner, brighter and more sustainable future for everyone,” according to a press release.

“At Entergy, we’ve had the privilege of providing safe, affordable and reliable energy that has powered millions of lives for more than a century,” said Leo Denault, Entergy’s chairman and CEO. “But we’re not resting there. We are proactively transforming our company to meet new opportunities. We’re evolving to ensure Entergy becomes a driving force for innovation and cutting-edge products and services. And we are accelerating our efforts to reduce carbon emissions, while partnering with our customers to support their own environmental goals, leading to a cleaner and better future for all our stakeholders.”

In the release, Entergy said it is building an “integrated customer-centric organization that will help cultivate positive relationships and open communication with our customers. We are deploying new products and services to help families and businesses achieve their desired outcomes.”

The company hopes to deliver “positive customer interactions, high levels of service, strong reliability and swift restoration, superior and affordable products and services, highly skilled and engaged employees, and industry-leading financial performance.”

Entergy said the full implementation of its visual transformation is expected to take several months, including on outdoor signage and official vehicles. To learn more, visit entergy.com/newlook.


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