Entergy Goes Green

Entergy Louisiana announces several new green energy initiatives to help realize its vision of a safer and cleaner climate.
221012 Shore Power Port Lake Charles

Tugboats utilizing Entergy Louisiana’s Shore Power project at the Port of Lake Charles

As global industries and businesses look toward the future, a common–and critical–trend is emerging: a growing dedication to clean energy. Within the Port of South Louisiana, a commitment to sustainability is already being made evident by the construction of a clean fueling station to power hydrogen-powered river vessels, and these efforts are complemented through the region and state by community leaders like Entergy Louisiana.

Entergy Louisiana, which provides electrical services to more than a million customers and gas services to 94,000 residents, is pioneering several new initiatives and partnerships that will reduce carbon emissions and the effects of climate change throughout the state.

“We know Entergy Louisiana plays a critical role in delivering clean-energy solutions that are essential in lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and we see an opportunity to innovate and invest to improve the world around us,” says Brandon Scardigli, communications manager for Entergy Louisiana. “Entergy is accelerating its climate action goals with a commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This commitment illustrates our ongoing view of the importance of environmental stewardship.”

In September 2022, Entergy announced that it had received approval from the Louisiana Public Service Commission to nearly triple its solar energy capacity in the state. Scardigli says that while Entergy already operates 280-megawatts of renewable resources, such as the Capital Region Solar Facility that launched in 2020, four new solar generation hubs will add an additional 475-megawatts of solar capacity. This expanded investment will consist of a 150-megawatt resource in St. James Parish at Vacherie Solar Energy Center; a 150-megawatt resource in St. James Parish at Jacques Louisiana Solar; a 125-megawatt resource in Allen Parish at Elizabeth Solar; and a 50-megawatt resource in Washington Parish at Sunlight Road Solar.

Additionally, Entergy is assessing the possibility of expanding into another valuable source of clean energy that would harness the Gulf South’s existing infrastructure and potential: offshore wind power. In September, Entergy Louisiana, Entergy New Orleans and Diamond Offshore Wind signed a memorandum that would see the three entities pooling resources and expertise to evaluate and develop wind power in the Gulf of Mexico.

“The agreement could put Entergy in a position to deliver another source of clean power to customers while also strengthening the region’s economic development,” says Scardigli.

Offshore wind development is one of several recommendations outlined by Governor John Bel Edwards in the Louisiana Climate Action Plan announced earlier this year. The Plan seeks to engage state and federal agencies, utilities providers and the private sector in a collaborative effort to achieve net-zero greenhouse emissions in Louisiana by 2050. Within that plan is a specific goal to generate five gigawatts of offshore wind power by 2035, and Entergy’s commitment to evaluating and scaling offshore wind could play a key role in meeting that threshold. 

Entergy Louisiana’s most recent initiative was announced in mid-October and expands shore power capabilities at the Port of Lake Charles.

“In southwest Louisiana, Entergy just weeks ago expanded its shore power capabilities so that Crowley vessels operating out of the Port of Lake Charles have a more sustainable and low-emission option while docked,” Scardigli says. “This is the second shore power project Entergy has completed along the Gulf Coast, with the first being launched at Port Fourchon in Lafourche Parish.”

Shore power allows vessels to connect to electricity while docked, instead of running on fossil fuels that result in needless emissions. Initially, the project will support four Crowley ocean-class tugboats, and the Port of Lake Charles estimates it will reduce net carbon dioxide emissions by more than 500 metric tons per year. Officials at the Port of South Louisiana see this as an opportunity to foster a stronger and greener port ecosystem.

“Our team and I have met with Entergy representatives on multiple occasions and are excited what the future holds in partnership, as we have prioritized energy diversity and finding clean energy solutions for our Port and industry partners,” says Port of South Louisiana CEO Paul Matthews.

With these substantial advancements and initiatives all launching within a two-month period, Entergy Louisiana’s dedication to clean energy is well-illustrated both within the Port of South Louisiana’s tri-parish district and beyond–and the positive effects stand to grow even greater as Entergy evaluates new and innovative ways to protect the climate and community.