End-of-Life Care for Pets Network Adds New Orleans Veterinarian

Hayley Bird Dvm Lap Of Love Veterinary Hospice And In Home Euthanasia New Orleans La P

NEW ORLEANS (press release) – A national network of veterinarians providing end-of-life care for pets in the home has added a new provider in the New Orleans area.

Lap of Love is a growing network of veterinarians who provide family-centered in-home hospice care and euthanasia for pets. This service is dedicated to maintain comfort and quality of life for terminally ill or geriatric pets until the family chooses peaceful in-home euthanasia or natural death occurs.

“In many ways, the loss of a pet can be as traumatic as losing a friend or family member to a terminal illness,” said Hayley Bird, who, along with Amy Stanton, is a veterinarian and new Lap of Love provider.

“Being able to offer these services in the pet’s home can be a reward for their unconditional love and devotion,” she said. “Going back and forth to the veterinarian’s office is often stressful for animals, especially those who are aged and/or sick.”

Lap of Love eliminates this additional stress at a critical time, she continues. To be able to treat/care for the pet in their own surroundings is huge in end-of-life veterinary care.

“The whole point of what I do is to help keep the focus on the comfort of the animal,” said Bird. “This is not a depressing line of work – it is an honor to help families, and to see the love they have for their pet makes this job much more meaningful.”

Dr. Dani McVety is the founder and CEO of Lap of Love, the largest U.S. network of veterinarians dedicated to providing in-home hospice, eldercare, and euthanasia for pets.  

“It’s hard to know when it’s time to say goodbye, and the pandemic is making things more difficult. In most places, pet owners are no longer allowed into vet offices to be with their beloved dog or cat when the time comes for euthanasia,” she said. “We at Lap of Love continue making in-home visits, using the best personal protective equipment.”

Visit www.lapoflove.com for more information.


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