Edmunds: Labor Day's Best Bets For Car Shoppers

2017 Honda Accord

NEW YORK (AP) – Labor Day is the last three-day weekend of summer, so as we go into the end of August and early September, you can expect to see some fairly aggressive deals from car dealerships as they try to wrap up the summer selling season.

         The combination of end-of-model-year clearance prices on outgoing models and relatively high levels of inventory means you can find a close-out bargain before pickings get slim.

         To help with the hunt, Edmunds selected five of the best deals: two sedans, an SUV, a minivan and a truck. Its picks are based on a combination of good availability, good reviews and good discounts.

         Cash-back offers, rebates and incentives can vary by region. Check to see that these offers apply in your area. To do this, click the car's link shown and make sure your ZIP code, located just under the car's photo, is correct. These deals are good now and should be available through September 5.



2017 Honda Accord

Starting MSRP: $24,030

         Edmunds is seeing discounts in the $5,700 range, depending on package and region.

         The 2017 Honda Accord is arguably Honda at its finest. It scores highly in just about every category and is a genuine pleasure to drive. The Accord's quiet, comfort and overall refinement are standouts in the segment and may even give a few entry-level luxury cars a run for their money.



— Cabin is roomy and filled with stylish, soft-touch materials

— Ride is comfortable on bumpy roads and on the highway

— Handling is fun and sporty


— The interface of the optional touchscreen interface can be frustrating

— Driver aids are sensitive, especially the front collision warning

— Fewer available luxury features than some competitors


2017 Toyota Camry

Starting MSRP: $23,965

         Edmunds is seeing discounts in the $6,500 range, depending on package and region.

         The Camry has a solid reputation of durability and longevity. Combine that reputation with its comfortable ride, easy-to-use features and good looks and it's easy to understand why the Camry has been one of the best-selling cars in America.



— Interior is comfortable and spacious; all seats are roomy

— Outward visibility is better than average

— Trim levels have distinct luxury and sport characteristics


— Middling four-cylinder fuel economy

— Not as sporty as some of its competitors



2017 Ford Expedition

Starting MSRP: $48,320

         Edmunds is seeing discounts in the $12,600 range, depending on package and region.

         There are plenty of car-based crossovers to choose from. But there are times when you might want the capabilities of a beefy, traditional SUV. The 2017 Ford Expedition is one of Edmunds top recommendations in this segment, thanks to massive passenger and cargo space and class-leading towing capabilities.

         With seating for eight and a powerful turbocharged six-cylinder engine, the Expedition is definitely one of the biggest and most capable vehicles available.



— Roomy third-row seat

— Strong and efficient turbocharged V6

— Easy-folding rear seats increase interior flexibility


— Its size makes it difficult to park (especially the extended-wheelbase EL version)

— Interior looks a bit dated.



2017 Toyota Sienna

Starting MSRP: $29,750

         Edmunds is seeing discounts in the $7,200 range, depending on package and region.

         For sensible family transportation, it's hard to beat a minivan. Sliding side doors, low step-in height, massive passenger space and cargo area make the minivan a practical alternative to large SUVs and crossovers.

         A steady stream of improvements has kept the Sienna competitive, even though it is one of the older models in this segment. It's worth serious consideration, especially if you live in a region where all-wheel drive is useful: This is the only minivan that offers all-wheel drive.



— Refined ride quality inspires confidence

— High-quality materials and trim pieces throughout the cabin

— Wide range of adjustments for the second-row seats


— Second-row seats are heavy and awkward to remove

— Fewer features than some of its newer competitors.



2017 Nissan Titan XD Crew Cab

Starting MSRP: $39,165

         Edmunds is seeing discounts in the $12,200 range depending on package and region.

         In terms of both price and capability, the 2017 Nissan Titan XD fills the gap between typical light trucks and heavy-duty trucks. With a variety of trims and a strong diesel engine option, it's unique and offers flexibility competitors don't.



— Good balance between price and performance

— Functional and attractive interior

— Smooth ride for a truck with its capability


— Diesel engine feels lazy when passing slower traffic

— Large turning circle is cumbersome

— Small fuel-tank size limits overall range


EDMUNDS SAYS: Labor Day weekend is a great time to save some serious cash on outgoing 2017 models.


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