Editor’s Note: 61 Issues and Counting

I spoke a bit about our five-year anniversary in my note last month, but now, having put together our anniversary issue, it’s really sinking in how much has happened in business over the past five years.

I won’t go into much detail here — as we have a whole feature devoted to the topic — but as I was going through all 60 issues one by one, I was reminded of all the people we’ve spoken to — from industry powerhouses like John Ochsner, Ti Martin, Blaine Kern, Leslie Jacobs, Kevin Dolliole and the Bensons, to the budding entrepreneurs behind creative startups like the Lower Ninth Ward Market, Pet Krewe and STEM Library Lab.

In full-page color photos, we’ve taken you behind the scenes to see the streetcars getting washed, the Saints field being prepped and even shown you the woman who plays the calliope on the riverboat every day. We’ve covered a governor’s election, honored anniversaries from Emeril’s 25th, to Hurricane Katrina’s 10th and the Saints’ 50th, and offered up advice from local professionals on topics ranging from how best to file your taxes, to how to deal with a difficult co-worker and how to find funding for your next venture.

Along the way, I’m proud to say that — together with our website, BizNewOrleans.com — we’ve won seven national awards and consistently swept the business category at the annual New Orleans Press Club awards.

Of course, anyone in business knows that you’re only as strong as your team, and in that department, I feel incredibly fortunate. From the beginning, Biz has been a passion project for our publisher, Todd Matherne, and he continues to be an invaluable resource, as does our editor-in-chief, Errol Laborde. Our incredible freelancers, and indomitable sales team — both groups are out there in the community every day making sure business is being seen and heard. On that end, I’d also like to thank all of you that have reached out to us. As I say in our monthly publisher’s luncheons, covering all of the industries in Southeast Louisiana is a huge job, and we couldn’t do it without the help of the people in those industries keeping us abreast of what’s going on. Keep those emails coming!

Finally, a little note on the magazine industry. You hear the phrase thrown around that “print is dead.” Well, I can tell you, that isn’t true — not with magazines. According to Statista.com, 191 new magazines launched in 2018, and readership from then to now has actually increased slightly to 224.6 million Americans who average 20-25 minutes a day delighting in having something tangible they can hold in their hands — something with a real shelf life. And the fastest growing magazine genre in the United States? It’s special interest — magazines that cover a niche, just like the one you’re holding.

So, thank you for reading! And here’s to the next five years and beyond!


Correction: In our Great Workspaces feature last month highlighting the Verdad offices, we failed to mention that Woodward Design Group was the developer and builder of the building and was also responsible for the interior architecture of the Verdad offices. We regret the omission.  (It has been corrected online.)