Editor’s Note

You are holding in your hands issue number eight of the new Biz New Orleans magazine. For this one, the cover topic was too personal for me not to take on the story myself, and I’m so glad I did because I got to meet seven amazing “mompreneurs” – each taking the business world by storm here in the Crescent City. Every one of them displayed a passion that was infectious – both for their families and their businesses, which, as one of them so accurately stated, is like having another child.

I’m what I suppose you would call a “mompreneur” myself – having started my own writing and editing business years ago around the birth of my daughter. It has given me the freedom to be the one that picks her up from school each day, and even to occasionally take a day, no permission required, to spend a warm spring afternoon riding the streetcar to the park to feed the ducks (photo above).

Of course nothing is all sunshine and rainbows, but, as I’m sure every one of the moms in this magazine will agree, it’s those kind of moments – and that scary, but empowering knowledge that you’re in control of your own destiny –  that make all the harried mornings, long nights, and (OK, maybe just in my case) that time when you were forced to interview a famous musician with a 3-year-old’s fingers up your nose, all worth it.

On that note, a very Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there. And a heartfelt thank you to my own mom, who always pushed me to do what I love, and whose free babysitting time is the reason I still can.

Happy Reading,