Editor’s Note

We Got It All

We’re so excited to release our first-ever Northshore focused issue of
Biz New Orleans Magazine.

The Northshore has a special place in my heart because it’s home to my parents, who moved to Mandeville in spring 2014 from Omaha, Nebraska — after following us to Omaha from San Diego.

My parents are not big city people, they prefer a quieter way of life that doesn’t include all the craziness that we happen to love about New Orleans, so for years after we moved down here, they looked at different options in nearby states to be closer to us, but nothing was right. I kept telling them, “I think you guys would like the Northshore,” but it wasn’t until we drove them over the Causeway for the first time during a visit and spent a fall day at the Covington Three Rivers Art Festival that they understood what I was saying. They knew immediately they had found their match — an area where they could enjoy being on the water in their boat, buy a nice, affordable home, and still be close enough to the city to enjoy NOMA and Broadway shows and watch their granddaughter grow up.

That’s the wonderful thing about this area of the world — there’s something for everyone. Want the quiet life, surrounded by trees and open space? We got that. Want to hang out with a go-cup all night in the middle of one of the biggest parties in the world? We got that too. Want to hunt an alligator? Got that. Would rather stroll along historic streets marveling at gorgeous architecture and shopping for antiques? Got you covered. Unlike anywhere else I’ve lived, here you can be in so many completely different worlds, all within less than an hour’s drive.

My husband and I, and now my parents, are happy here for very different reasons, but we’re all happy in our own worlds, and I’m just so thankful we can enjoy them together.

Happy Reading,

Kimberley Singletary, Managing Editor