Editor’s Note


There’s an end in sight! Thanks to the glorious miracle of science, this month I will actually get to hang out inside my parents’ house again. I will get to have a real, ladies get-together where we can give each other a year’s worth of much-needed hugs. My kid is scheduled for some wonderful summer camp experiences, and I’m not terrified to send her! There’s hope that maybe I’ll be able to meet my new niece in Los Angeles at some point, that we’ll be able to visit my in-laws at their new home in Washington, heck, that we’ll be stepping onto an actual plane once again. Bring on the ginger ale and tiny bags of peanuts!

Life has been on pause for so long that I feel like it’s going to be akin to experiencing all these things for the first time. You always hear, “It’s the little things that count,” and man, those little things are feeling momentous right now.
When we launched Biz New Orleans in the fall of 2014, what drew me to the project was the idea that business is about people. It’s so much more than just facts and figures on a spreadsheet, it’s relationships formed over lunches, it’s making connections, it’s problem solving, it’s handshakes and cocktail hours and, in Southeast Louisiana, it’s that feeling of community, of being a part of something bigger.

I can’t wait to see your faces again. I can’t wait for the events, and I can’t wait to hear how things are picking back up. As I say in our publisher’s luncheons every month, please keep us posted on what’s new with your business. With a magazine, website, blogs, newsletters and podcasts, we have so many ways to share the news!

Happy Reading and See You Soon!

Kimberley Singletary, Managing Editor