EBS Offers Wastewater Troubleshooting Seminars

MANDEVILLE, LA – Environmental Business Specialists, LLC (EBS), an industrial and biological wastewater troubleshooting, training and consulting firm, will offer seminars on Aerated Stabilization Basins (ASBs) and Activated Sludge Treatment at their corporate offices at 1930 Surgi Dr., in Mandeville, LA, from Tuesday, April 12, through Thursday, 14, 2016.

         The ABS and Activated Sludge Seminars presented by Mike Foster of EBS and Paul Klopping of Callan and Brooks are one of the few accredited programs in the nation providing continuing education, certification and operator licenses for wastewater treatment professionals.

         Foster, EBS Founder, Principal Consultant and Certified Environmental Trainer, has authored more than ten technical papers on various aspects of ASB optimization. He co-authored (along with Klopping) the comprehensive manual entitled, "Aerated Stabilization Basins for Pulp and Paper Mills," and developed a training program for environmental managers, engineers, operators and plant managers and other wastewater treatment professionals.

         Industry professionals from across the U.S. will be in attendance as Foster and Klopping lead the workshops along with additional instruction and labs from Carl Seiner of ETEC, Dr. Cliff Lange, Ph.D. and Certified Laboratory Analyst J'ohnnie Wilson of EBS.

         EBS has performed system evaluations, operator training and upset response support to numerous industrial wastewater treatment plants to address performance issues since 1997. Currently, EBS works with more than 125 industrial wastewater treatment plants throughout the U.S.

         These seminars will allow participants to obtain the much-needed CEUs (continuing education units) needed to maintain their wastewater operator's licenses as well as:


• Attain laboratory skills through hands-on laboratory testing under the direction and instruction of J'ohnnie Wilson

• Gain valuable insights on advanced problem solving laboratory techniques

• Improve their ability to decipher the root causes of biological issues, expanding your risk management capabilities

• Participate in discussions regarding the application of these principles with industry experts

• Receive the opportunity to review and discuss sample results with an EBS laboratory analyst

• Take advantage of valuable networking opportunities with experts, customers and partners in the industry


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