Dupuy Storage and Forwarding


Allan Colley, President | Janet Colley Morse, Vice President


When John Dupuy founded his storage and warehousing company in 1936, he may not have known that he was founding a New Orleans shipping institution—but eighty years and four generations of family ownership later, it’s become clear that that is precisely what he did.

Dupuy Storage, which is currently owned and operated by the third and fourth generations of the Dupuy family, has operated in New Orleans for decades—and has expanded its operations to incorporate other Southern port cities, including Miami, Houston, Charleston and Jacksonville. But they remain a valuable partner to the Port of New Orleans, as well as a traditional service provider for the local coffee industry.

Dupuy’s history doesn’t stop the company from making cutting-edge advancements; they’re currently making a complete change to a new, state-of-the-art software system to allow the company to offer more complete, informative and timely reports to their customers. This is part of a core Dupuy principle: value-added service.

Dupuy consistently goes above and beyond, which has been key in establishing the company as a valuable, even necessary part in many clients’ supply chain. Thanks to their commitment to staffing knowledgeable people, investing in equipment and shoring up infrastructure, Dupuy is showing no signs of slowing down, even after 80 years. They remain committed to their presence in New Orleans—they’re very aware they occupy a piece of New Orleans’ shipping history, and they plan on maintaining and growing that legacy for years to come.


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