Doug Matthews

Owner, Matthews Construction

New Orleans Chamber Member Since 2018

“Matthews joined to be a part of a community that supported local organizations.”

In Doug Matthews’ opinion, everyone should join the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce. To him, it seems like an obvious solution: members join an organization that specializes in introducing businesspeople to each other, sharing potential business opportunities, providing exposure and legitimacy to new and growing businesses and more. What’s not to love?

Matthews, owner of Matthews Construction, joined to be a part of a community that supported local organizations. For his part, his business specializes in performing top-level work in all phases of construction with an emphasis on client communication. Matthews focuses on working with the client through every step to ensure that the project is what they expected and moving according to plan.

He acknowledges that he operates in a highly-competitive field, and does focus on being competitive in the marketplace, but that his main drive is ensuring that all of his vendors and subcontractors are paid on time and treated fairly. He believes in treating a client like he would treat himself, were he working on his own home or business. This is obvious in every aspect of Matthews Construction, from the communication to the custom in-house mill shop, staffed with a team of experienced cabinet makers and carpenters.

He sees those same values reflected in the operations of the Chamber, which makes him proud to be a member. The long, distinguished history of the Chamber reflects those values and the values of the city at large, as well as its culture—along with good, solid general business practices. Matthews, who loves the city, is proud of the way the Chamber reflects the love and passion for New Orleans felt by the business community as a whole. | | 504.453.0902

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