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Ports are simply defined as the connection between land and water transportation systems. Considering the goods we consume daily—the food we eat, the furniture we use, the shoes on our feet, the fuel in our cars—there’s no way around it; all comes through a port. Over 90% of cargo comes by water from abroad, so the port serves as the connector to and from distribution centers, moving that cargo via truck, rail, pipeline and air.

It’s easy to see that multimodal connections pave the way for business growth and vitality. Accordingly, their application and fortification should result in increased efficiency, productivity and reliability of cargo transport in the River Region. It will not only reduce the carbon footprint of transportation systems, but eventually lead to more affordable goods for U.S. consumers. Currently, rail service is in high demand and the Port of South Louisiana is fortunate to have rail access on the east bank and the west bank of the Mississippi River via six Class-1 railroads.

Investment in infrastructure is pivotal to growth. We see an opportunity of significant growth in bulk, and general cargo initiatives so we recently installed two high-capacity Konecranes harbor cranes at Globalplex Intermodal Terminal’s general cargo dock, a direct response to demand of increased throughput. To further expedite operations at the public facility, we are working to strengthen the dock and adding an additional access bridge to it that will allow for smooth ingress and egress. Our plan aims to bring the current infrastructure to working standards and further increase warehousing options along with upgrades to the transportation network, increase capacity and address bottlenecks. Expansion of the Port’s Executive Airport is underway to speak to cargo needs in preparing for our continued multimodal capacity.

There is always room for growth and innovation, no matter how established things are. The Port of South Louisiana has more available land, ripe for development, than anywhere in southeast Louisiana. We can accommodate any industry from grain elevators to alternative energy projects to warehouse and distribution centers; we have the spread and intermodal connections to fit the bill. In addition, we are poised to assist industrial partners in making attractive energy transitions, including the introduction of alternate fuel for modern vessels. We are also supporting the initiative of green ammonia/carbon capture. Wind and solar also play a part in making renewable energy successful for all. Our existing industry has already begun to try new ideas to speak to the green movement, and we are prepared to help in any way we can.

I am excited to lead the Port of South Louisiana, and I look forward to meeting challenges and shaping the future of one of the largest ports in the Western Hemisphere.  

Paul Matthews

Chief Executive Officer


2022 05 03 Matthews Paul Img 9264r 4x6

Paul Matthews


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