DelRicht Research Offering Free Access, Compensation For Clinical Trials, Health Care Solutions

NEW ORLEANS – New Orleans-based DelRicht Research is offering groundbreaking assistance for very common yet very serious health issues, reps said.

         “Our aim is to move medicine forward by offering patients an alternative healthcare resource,” DelRicht’s director of operations Mauro Ormedilla said. “The best part is that all of our services are at no cost to patients that qualify for our programs.”

         Currently, DelRicht is looking for patients suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, migraine headaches, constipation and high cholesterol as well dermatological issues such as rosacea, eczema and acne.

         DelRicht Research reps said these clinical trials are a free resource to the New Orleans community, take place in local clinics by local doctors and participants don’t need health insurance to enroll in these programs.

         “We have cutting edge therapies for common ailments that our patients receive for free on top of comprehensive labs and follow-ups,” Dr. Patrick Dennis, one of the doctors on staff who is also a veteran of the United States military, said. “DelRicht Research really puts patients at the center of what we do.”

         “I can personally attest to the professionalism of the DelRicht staff,” Dr. Nathan Fischman, another board certified DelRicht doctor, said. “They provide a very valuable service to the community.”

         “If you suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, migraines, constipation, high cholesterol, rosacea, eczema or acne, please check with us to see if you qualify for the free help we offer,” DelRicht’s Ormedilla said. “We provide compensation for qualified patients and our goal is simple, to improve patient health while leaving an impact on the health care industry.”

         DelRicht Research’s three clinics are located at:


Dr. Patrick Dennis – Emergency Medicine

826 Harrison Ave.,  Suite A

New Orleans, LA  70124


Drs. Sarah Jackson and Deirdre Hooper – Dermatology

Dr. Nathan Fischman – Urology

3525 Prytania St.,  Suite 308

New Orleans, LA  70115


Dr. Hai Nguyen – Family Medicine

1221 Amelia St.

Gretna, LA  70053


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