Delgado Community College Announces Second Start Fall Registration

Students who missed the August 16 fall semester start date can enroll through October 7. 

New Orleans, La. — It’s not too late to get started in college this fall. Students still have time to apply for financial aid, take a placement test if necessary and enroll for October classes.

Delgado Community College is offering a Second Start of the fall 2014 semester. This unique opportunity allows students who missed the August 2014 start date more time to prepare, enroll and register for classes.

Second Start courses are full-credit courses taught over eight weeks instead of 16.  This means they are compressed and move at a quicker pace, similar to a summer term. Successful students are prepared to start working on the first day of class. 

Classes are typically core courses which appeal to a variety of student majors. Current, former and new Delgado students may all enroll through Second Start as long as individual course pre-requisites are met.

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