Dealers: Oyster Season Isn't' Sailing Smoothly

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (AP) — Seafood dealers say you can't beat the view at the new Pass Christian Harbor, but business is off to a rocky start.

         Seafood dealer Darlene Kimball tells The Sun Herald’s Justin Mitchell the process for an oysterman to transfer his catch from water to land can take up to five times as long as is it did at the old harbor, because oyster-checking protocol still has to be performed at the old harbor location.

         Before the move, Kimball said she would have oysters paid for and off the boat within five to 10 minutes of boats coming in from the reefs.

         Although dealers were relocated to the new harbor, the Department of Marine Resources oyster check station is still in the old harbor.

         Kimball says she isn't a fan of the long wait.

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