DDD Clean Team Ready For Carnival

NEW ORLEANS – As thousands head Downtown to enjoy the Mardi Gras season and all its revelry, the DDD is once again partnering with the City of New Orleans to ensure that locals and visitors to Downtown enjoy a clean and safe Carnival. The DDD Clean Team will provide:


• Manual cleanup of sidewalks, curb line, and side streets along parade route in cooperation with the Dept. of Sanitation.

• Complete litter sweep of the entire DDD on a twice daily basis. 

• Overnight pressure washing unit addressing litter cans, heavy pedestrian areas, and hot spots.


1st weekend labor

Parade crew: 25

Morning crew: 15


2nd weekend labor

Parade crew: 30-40 (depending on the night)

Morning crew: 20

Night crew: 14


         Clean Teams use traditional pans and brooms, as well as automated vacuum machines, for litter abatement, while pressure-washing trucks spray the sidewalks for a deeper cleaning. A dedicated graffiti team removes graffiti from public spaces, and crews also paint trash cans and light poles when necessary.

         The DDD cleaning & beautification services include:


• Litter Abatement

• Sidewalk Pressure Washing

• Graffiti on Public Property

• Gum Spot Removal

• Sidewalk Weed control

• Pressure wash public trash receptacles

• Special event cleanup

• Tree pruning & maintenance

• Tree replacement

• Landscaping: City Hall, Canal St., Diamond St., Downtown Gateways

• Asset purchases: Public trash receptacles; wayfinding signage


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