Danielson Announces Candidacy For Mayor Of Mandeville

MANDEVILLE, LA – Mandeville City Councilman At-Large Rick Danielson announced his candidacy for mayor of his hometown on Tuesday.

         Danielson, 44, is currently the chairman of the council, is a graduate of Mandeville High School and returned home after more than nine years on active duty in the U.S. Air Force.

         In front of a crowd of supporters at the Mandeville Lakefront Tuesday night, Danielson said:

         "Someone once told me, 'Don't try to be somebody. Instead, try to do something, something that matters.’ What matters to me are the people of Mandeville – and the places we live, play and do business. My candidacy is about transparency and reform and, moreover, efficiency, fairness and good government. We need a leader with a vision for the City of Mandeville – a vision that includes economic prosperity and openness in government while maintaining and protecting the quality of life we all cherish.

         "In the last three years, I have seen resistance to progress and creative thinking. I have experienced a refusal to build a team between the legislative and executive branches that would allow open collaboration to administer the budget, and not only to prioritize projects but to actually get them done. Legendary college basketball coach John Wooden said, 'Don't mistake activity for achievement.' A flutter of big projects starting and promises of new ones to begin should not come only when elections are around the corner. It should be a consistent, continual movement toward bettering an already great community.

         "I think this city deserves experience, integrity, service and leadership. Mandeville needs someone who is prepared to stand out amongst the leaders of St. Tammany Parish, to stand up for the taxpaying citizens of Mandeville and, most importantly, to stand strong for transparency and good government to lead our city into the next era of prosperity.

         "I know three things. I have the experience to manage this city, I have a vision for the future of Mandeville, and I have a deep devotion and love for this place we all call our home. I am not one to make 'campaign promises,' but I will promise you this. I will always be honest, accessible and responsive.   will be forward-thinking, open to new ideas and focused on our future while concentrating on the present issues that affect us.

         "So with that, tonight I formally announce my candidacy for mayor of Mandeville in March of 2016."

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