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Building 19 expansion at Globalplex Intermodal Facility helps streamline client operations

The Port of South Louisiana is celebrating the completion of its newest expansion at the world-class 335-acre Globalplex Intermodal Terminal facility in Reserve, Louisiana.
The expansion of Building 19 is a custom-built 67,000-square-foot expansion that will help streamline operations for a long-time port client to be more efficient and cost-effective.
With the addition, the building’s total footprint now offers 122,000 square feet of space for bulk processing, distribution, storage and more – all under one roof.

“Associated Terminals has had a long-term relationship with one particular customer, and we are offering this service to that company. The customer had operations spread out between numerous buildings, and this new facility allows for consolidation of operation into one location. It was custom-designed to handle bulk materials with considerably more efficiencies. It’s specifically designed for specialty dry bulk processing and distribution, based on how the product arrives,” said Barry Hoth, with Associated Terminals, which operates the Globalplex Intermodal Terminal. Hoth serves as vice-president of operations for Associated at the Port-owned Globalplex.  

The expansion has the capability to store various commodities in sectioned-off areas, which allows multiple products to be stored, such as finished general cargo, bulk cargo, and break-bulk cargo side by side. It also allows distribution to various inland modes of transportation.

Other unique characteristics of Building 19’s expansion include heavy-duty floor load storage for up to 10,000 pounds per storage bin.

“This building has six separate cement-walled storage bins. It’s more convenient and efficient, so clients can really utilize and maximize their square footage usage,” Hoth said.

At the Globalplex Intermodal Terminal, a product can be shipped or received by ship, barge, truck or rail directly from the facility. Products include bulk, break-bulk, and containerized cargos.

The expanded building is not only a state-of-the-art structure, it’s also an indication of how the Port of South Louisiana accommodates clients’ needs in order to satisfy their needs and earn their business.

The $9.6 million warehouse expansion was funded partly (90%) by La DOTD Port Priority Trust Fund. The Expansion created 22 jobs and retained 19.

The Globalplex Intermodal Terminal industrial park serves a number of clients who have specialized storage, shipping and processing needs.

Globalplex Intermodal Terminal encompasses 335acres, with lots of room to expand.

“We offer customized solutions at Globalplex; we are in the perfect position with area to grow. We can retrofit existing buildings or build new ones that are tailored to a customer’s needs,” Hoth said.  “We will do anything we can to increase operational efficiencies and service our customers, whether it’s a new building or new specialized crane. We are always looking to partner with customers who need specialized solutions.”

Paul Aucoin, executive director of the Port of South Louisiana, said the port is proud to offer these customized solutions.

“The expansion of Building 19 helped us keep a company which had outgrown the warehouse they were in; by adding the expansion, we were able to keep them here,” Aucoin said. “Our goal is to keep our tenants happy. It’s a beautiful warehouse and very impressive.”

Globalplex Intermodal Terminal continues to maintain a position as a world-class facility, with storage and warehousing, space for light manufacturing and a number of Foreign Trade Zone storage areas.  Several logistics companies operate on-site to help move products quickly to market.

The Globalplex redevelopment is guided by a master plan that focuses on today’s supply manufacturers and shippers. Flexibility, efficiency, and connectivity are always in mind with new construction, such as a cement facility, which features dome storage.

“We try to accommodate anyone who wants to locate here,” Aucoin said. “At Globalplex, we have lots of available land, including 60 acres of certified-site space available. We can handle many more warehouses and industries.”

He said the terminal provides a huge economic and development boost to the region.

“We have 315 people who go to work there every day,” Aucoin said. “We’re doing a lot of improvements – over $56 million in improvements, including upgrading and keeping docks strengthened as well as investing in new cranes and buildings. You have to be competitive and keep tenants happy.”

– Jenny Peterson

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